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Framing Recommendations


You’ve found art, now you have to get it on your walls!  I spent over 5 years working in a frame shop as I tried to establish myself as an artist.  I know it can be expensive, frustrating and difficult. That’s why each print option I offer was specifically chosen to take as much of that burden off you as possible.    


My matted prints are ready to be popped right into a standard size, store bought frame:

5x7” in 8x10” mat, needs an 8x10” frame

8x10” in 11x14” mat, needs an 11x14” frame

12x16” in 16x20” mat, needs a 16x20” frame

These frames sizes can typically be found inexpensively in stores such as Michaels, Target, or Etsy.


The giclee prints are standard frame sizes and now come full bleed.  If you prefer, you can request an additional 1” white border when you checkout, (this adds 2” to each dimension, so 16x20” giclee, will have a 16x20” image on 18x22” paper, 24x30”= 24x30” image on 26x32” paper, etc).


I recommend for inexpensive and customizable options.

 I now use this for all the art in my home.  It isn’t quite frame shop quality, but it gets the job done nicely for a fraction of the cost!  I also highly recommend purchasing it with a mat (2.5-4” is appropriate for the larger sizes).  A mat helps keep the glass off the print, protecting it over time.  It also assists in keeping the print from wrinkling/waving over time and also looks more professional.


When your giclee arrives, unroll it carefully on a clean, flat surface.  You can flatten it by carefully rolling it in the opposite direction using the tube it comes with.  To attach it to a mat for framing, I recommend a strip of acid-free tape across the top.  This is the tape I use.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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