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Katie Jeanne Reim
Artist, Owner

In 2014 Katie left everything behind in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Portland, OR to be closer to the mountains she craves and to push her limits as an ultramarathon trail runner. Always motivated by what could be around the next bend, she has found home and inspiration exploring as many miles of mountain trails as possible.

As she explored new terrain, often alone in the wilderness, she became fascinated by the patterns made with the lines on the topographic trail maps stuffed in the front pocket of her pack.  She loves pairing the unique maps with the inspirations and adventures she seeks in nature. 


After earning a degree in illustration, Katie bounced around between many mediums and crafts.  Her intense love for wilderness and painting naturally pulled her towards this latest body of work, of which she is most connected to and genuinely satisfied with. 


Each painting is started by letting the contours of a map lead her towards a composition.  Altering the colors of the map to fit the mood of the place, she then paints on top with acrylic and finish the details with meticulous pen and ink.  The contour lines are like fingerprints for nature.  Each place and what you experience each time you go is unique.  Katie aims to capture the connection people feel towards their favorite wild places.

Katie works out of her garage studio in SE Portland, OR with the help of an assistant, Liz. She has built Final Switchback over the years with her husband, Brian, who has always stepped in to help bag prints or pack orders when things get overwhelming.  Katie now takes every opportunity to share her love of nature with their curious toddler, Miles, and sweet pup, Silvie.


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Katie Reim

Liz Dome

Fulfillment & Administrative Assistant

Liz joined the Final Switchback in July 2022. She had been a repeat customer of Katie’s shop- both through craft fairs and Etsy- and welcomed the opportunity to work for an artist that had a love of the outdoors as well. An avid hiker, camper, and all around outdoor lover Liz has made the Pacific Northwest her home. There is nothing like a new place to explore and the PNW was a perfect match for her. Mountains, ocean, waterfalls, and so many new things to explore! 


Liz spent most of her life working in run specialty shops where she not only fit customers for shoes but was also apparel, accessory, and footwear buyer for several local family owned running shops. In 2012 she earned her masters in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cincinnati where she led one of the first longitudinal studies on barefoot running. Her work was published in 2014 in the Journal of Sports Health and Science . Her love of running and nature naturally drew her out to Portland. In 2013 Liz, her partner, and their cat moved to Portland from the Midwest excited to enjoy the beauty of the PNW. 


Since then they have made Portland their home. Liz and her partner, Nick, have a daughter as well as two cats. When Liz is not working she is hiking, paddleboarding, and camping with her family. All three of them love to explore both near and far. 


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