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Contours of Cascadia

In 2014 I left everything behind in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Portland, OR to be closer to the mountains I crave and to push my limits as an ultramarathon trail runner.  I am always motivated by what could be around the next bend and I have found home and inspiration exploring as many miles of mountain trails as possible.

As I explored new terrain, often alone in the wilderness, I became fascinated by the patterns made with the lines on the topographic trail maps I would stuff in my front pocket of my pack.  I love pairing the unique maps with the inspirations and adventures I seek in nature. 


After earning a degree in illustration, I bounced around between many mediums and crafts.  My intense love for wilderness and painting naturally pulled me towards this latest body of work, of which I am most connected to and satisfied with.  I am truly excited to explore so many more places on foot and on paper.


I start each painting by letting the contours of a map lead me towards a composition.  I alter the colors of the map to fit the mood of the place, then paint on top with acrylic and finish the details with meticulous pen and ink.  The contour lines are like fingerprints for nature.  Each place and what you experience each time you go is unique.  I aim to capture the connection people feel towards their favorite wild places.


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